Breanna Van Fleet has a great love for animals especially dogs and grew up with her family raising and breeding Shelties. As a teenager she had the opportunity to volunteer to foster dogs for the Department of Defense AIMHI (Animals In the Military Helping Individuals) program. The program trained Service dogs for Veterans with disabilities. Breanna mentored with Susan Bass for 2 years until 9-11 happened and the program relocated. While in high school Breanna was employed at a veterinary clinic. Later, Breanna attended an EMT-Basic course then worked as a certified EMT while earning her paramedic certification. After several years in the emergency medical field, Breanna became too ill with seizures to continue. Breanna contacted Susan Bass with CST to apply for a seizure response service dog. The process revived her dream of training dogs and she began being mentored by Susan bass in kennel management and dog training. During this time she moved into CST’s training house and assisted in training dogs. Breanna received her own service dog who saved her life several times by alert barking and activating a 911 button. Then something miraculous happened in her life after 16 years of suffering from debilitating migraines and dangerous seizures, God healed her completely and she has not had a seizure since that night in April of 2016. Absolutely thrilled with having her life back, she thanks and praises God fro his greatness in her life. This experience gave her an even stronger passion and desire to train Service dogs to help others with disabilities. She is now a graduate of CST’s DOIT (Dog Obedience Instructor Training) Course and specializes in teaching a working retrieve, training psychological support, hearing dogs, and balance brace Service dogs.