Erica dreamed of having her own Service Dog to assist her with the Celiac Disease in her every day life. Her story with us began when she requested for information. Erica had recently received her Physical Education Major with a Health Minor and did not realize that God had another plan in mind. She was thinking of a Service Dog, He was thinking of her Careers.

With Erica’s background in training dogs through a local 4-H group growing up, she has always loved spending time with dogs and learning along side of them. After a year of waiting and longing for God to show her what to do, He opened the next the door at the perfect time. Erica came to our DOIT, Dog Obedience Training program and absolutely fell in love with the work. Next, she specialized in detection.

Erica has Celiac and now trains our Gluten Detection Service Dogs for CST. She has learned an incredible amount of knowledge on how to best keep herself and others healthy!