All applicants have the right to be considered for a Service Dog without regard to race, color, creed, gender, religion, age or any other protected category. An application can be denied and the application process terminated at any time for other reasons.

The multi-step application process does not happen overnight.  Finding the right dog for the right person takes time.  All applicants are notified in as timely a fashion as practical.

The Application Process

Step 1:  Application

Applicant completes and submits an Application and $25 application fee (non-refundable).

[Add the application form – preferably in editable format such as a Word doc – to the media library and link it here for downloading]

Step 2: Complete Application Received

CST receives and reviews the complete application, including supporting documents.

A review of all application materials is conducted and a determination is made whether to accept the applicant. The applicant is advised of the outcome, and if accepted the application materials are kept on file until a suitable canine candidate is identified.

Step 3:  Interview

The applicant is invited to an in-person, phone, or video interview.

At this time, the interviewee will be asked to provide a bio and complete a pre-interview form and personality profile.

Step 4:  Needs Assessment

CST conducts a needs assessment and sends a cost proposal to client outlining the expected cost of tasks to be trained.

Step 6: Acceptance of Proposal

Upon signing/accepting the proposal, client’s is responsible for a down payment equal to 1/2 of the estimate cost.

Step 7: Dog is chosen and trained.

Step 8:  Team Training

Client and service dog are trained to work together. Client is trained to properly utilize the dog’s trained tasks

Team Training will be conducted in Independence, MO. unless other arrangements are made.

Step 9:  Public Handling Test

This “Final Exam” tests specific behaviors and interactions, to verify how the dog and handler interact in a public setting.

Step 10:  Final payment and certification.

On approval/acceptance of the dog and training, client is responsible for all remaining/outstanding fees. When fees are paid, client will receive documentation from CST confirming dog and handler training.

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